3 Techniques to Hack Cognition & Develop Intuitive Insight

Wouldn’t it be awesome to develop your ability to receive intuitive insight? Or maybe you already receive psychic impressions but would like to develop and enhance your ability further?

For many years I have studied metaphysics and quantum physics but as a full-range extrasensory, I have also spent many years learning to understand and adapt my abilities. I have perfected my processes to the point that I can ‘read’ energy on many different levels simultaneously, with a great deal of accuracy, and I am always exploring ways to advance them further still.

The scientific aspect of what I do has always been fascinating to me, so I have pursued my research into paranormal activity, psychic energy expression, and stages of consciousness. I travel the country investigating and researching some of the countries most haunted locations. My research has supported my belief that psychic ability can be a learned trait. There are many in the field that believes these extrasensory abilities are only gifted to the few and I find that an inaccurate, misplaced logic built around the Ego’s need to feel special. I am no more special than you, simply better trained at my skill.

In this post, I will share 3 techniques that will allow you to begin to develop and/or enhance your ability to perceive intuitive insight but first, we need to get technical. The brain is quite a complex component of our biological make-up and I am not an expert on neurodynamics by any means. However, there is data present in the research of cognitive functions, such as perception, that lines up with these techniques in such a way that it cannot be ignored.

Everything in the known (and unknown) Universe is frequency and vibration based. Each vibration and frequency have their own energy signature and information (or consciousness) encoded within it. For the purposes of this article, we’ll look at the different frequencies of our biological computer, the brain, and more specifically how they relate to not only perception but of insight with regards to problem-solving.

Brain waves are divided into 5 ranges that denote a dominant frequency. These waves fluctuate and often the brain emits different frequencies simultaneously.

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Below is an excerpt from Brain World Magazine regarding a 2009 study that suggests a correlation between gamma wave bursts and creative insight:

“In the volunteers that experienced insight, Kounios and Beeman found a distinctive spark of high gamma activity that would spike one-third of a second before volunteers consciously arrived at an answer. Additionally, the flash of gamma waves stemmed from the brain’s right hemisphere—an area involved in handling associations and assembling parts of a problem. Gamma activity indicates a constellation of neurons binding together for the first time in the brain to create a new neural network pathway. This is the creation of a new idea. Immediately following that gamma spike, the new idea pops into our consciousness, which we identify as the Aha! Moment.

In addition, Kounios and Beeman noted a burst of slower, alpha-band activity over the right visual cortex—an area of the brain that controls our sight—occurring immediately prior to the burst of gamma waves. This unexpected finding suggests that the brain is quieting the neurons in that area to reduce the amount of distraction and visual interference taken in—similar to everyday circumstances, the way we close our eyes or look away when concentrating on a question—which then allows insight to pop into awareness.

For Steven Johnson, author of “Where Good Ideas Come From,” the secret of generating the Aha! moment lies in the notion of “thin air,” which he asserts is anything but. Rather, these moments are actually a relatively predictable outcome that arises from certain pre-conditions.”

(You can read the entire article here: http://brainworldmagazine.com/aha-moment-science-behind-creative-insight/ )

With regards to states of enhanced awareness and psychic receptivity, there are clear similarities between these findings and my processes or rather, my intentional pre-conditions. Whether there are high levels of gamma activity when I am perceiving and interpreting psychic energy, I don’t know.  But if there is an increase in the formation of new neural network pathways during relaxed sleep states and moments of high gamma activity, I believe that thru practice and replication you can actually create and refine a new, more heightened, level of perception.


  1. Meditation & Getting Grounded

Meditation, as defined by Wikipedia is a practice where an individual operates or trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness. Specifically, what we’re after are meditations that get you grounded and induce a Theta brainwave as this is where the magic happens. Being grounded means that you are present in the moment which is where psychic information can be found. The monkey mind will have you all over the place, past, and future, missing the very subtle spikes of information when it comes in. It is often misunderstood that psychic impressions are to come during meditation. While that can happen, meditation should be viewed, in this context, as the tool for teaching the mind the space to sit in that allows the intuitive insight an opportunity to be received. Or as Steven put it, the pre-conditioned notion of ‘thin air.’ You’ll want to practice these types of meditations to the point where you can bring on this state by will or rather to remember it. There are 2 specific points I teach my students that will help in this matter. One is to create a special place in your imagination that is entirely your own and brings about a sense of calm, relaxed, peace. You would imagine yourself in this place first and then proceed with the Theta inducing meditation. With practice, you will be able to recreate the calmer levels of brain activity by simply imagining yourself in that special place because the brain doesn’t necessarily know the difference between real and imagined. The second technique involves the use of post-hypnotic suggestions which are made to specify an action to be performed after awakening, often in response to a cue, built to replicate the same state of mind.  I have created a meditation/hypnosis meant to simulate these factors which include a post-hypnotic suggestion. My meditation is available below:


  1. Lessen Exterior Distractions

While submerging yourself into sensory deprivation may sound counterintuitive to creating a heightened state of awareness it is the key as mentioned in the findings above. Remember, the overall point is to create the right pre-conditions for receiving so while it is important to practice heightened awareness for all your 5 senses, in the moments you intend to connect with a psychic energy you first want to lessen the distractions available to your mind. The exact way that I achieve this will be outlined below in the details of my process.


  1. Asking Open-Ended Questions

Intuition comes via the path of least resistance so once the relaxed state of mind is achieved and you have lessened the external physical stimuli, the next phase is to allow the brain to do what it does naturally, which is to problem solve. For this, to work you have to stay in a place of non-logic and simply allow the answers to come through without judgment of or the need to control them. This takes considerable practice but the best advice I can give here is to go with whatever shows up in the first 3 seconds.  And keep funneling through questions so long as you are getting answers. If you begin to logic what you get and focus on what you’re doing as the observer rather than simply allowing yourself to do it, you will shift into Beta which is more like sending than receiving.


Practicing the above techniques and establishing a process that becomes almost unconscious should be your goal. To understand better how the flow of this works, I’ll explain my own process.

To begin, I take a couple deep breaths that get me grounded and present. Then I allow my mind to relax into the familiar non-engaged, daydream state. There doesn’t need to be any long drawn out ritual here, that’s what practicing the above techniques is for. I simply intend to be present, grounded, and relaxed in the moment. Then I take a deep breath in and as I do I allow the outside world to drift away on the exhale. To set this intention firmly, I see myself surrounded by my aura and look at it as if it’s a blank canvas. I can only describe this as similar to being in a sensory deprivation tank. Feelings, sounds, and sights drift off to the distance and a sort of hum takes over. This is my zero point and everything that comes in after is relevant. It’s important to note that I do not consciously hold this space. If I was actively trying to block things out that would include the intuitive insight and would not yield a very fruitful session.

Quite often, I will look down and off into the distance with a soft gaze. I will also move my eyes a bit to avoid anything from coming into focus. At this point, I begin with questions: What do I see, hear, feel, & know? Again, these are open-ended questions that I am allowing answers to come for, rather than actively trying to answer them. For me, this process has become second nature, so I find that I rarely have to consciously pose questions anymore and the answers simply begin to pop in.

Practice and patience are paramount in your psychic development journey so just enjoy what shows up as you create a process that’s right for you.


**The Black Raven Chronicles, a TV documentary show, features my walkthroughs where I energetically read each location. In the show, you will notice aspects of my process that I’ve detailed above. To watch Season One of the Black Raven Chronicles, visit Amazon.


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