Finding Your Way

“How do you manage to stay so balanced and grounded?” That seems to be the million dollar question and lately, it’s been posed to me many times. I guess the shortest version to that answer is that I’ve found my way; it’s not a carefree kind of way or even a stress-free kind of way, it’s just my way & it fits.

I’m far from carefree in fact I’m one of those types of people who cares too much (if that’s even a thing). My empathic ability allows me to feel on a level most couldn’t even comprehend. When people close to me hurt, I hurt. When I see a sadness in someone’s eyes I feel that sadness in my heart. When you’re down, I’m down there with you BUT I don’t stay there, & I don’t focus on being there. I turn my attention to the magic of getting up. I care enough that nurturing, helping, & healing people has become my life’s work.

My life isn’t stress-free either, heaven knows I have my ‘stuff.’ In fact, Life has handed me my fair share of that ‘stuff’ & truth is, I’m all the better for it. Experience breeds wisdom & I’ve gotten up enough times that I can’t help but see the magic of it. Perspective my friends is everything. Don’t confuse this concept with thinking positive & your life then magically being filled with unicorn sparkles. Truth is, life will assuredly hand me more stuff tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, dependent upon what I allow myself to line up within each moment.

Through it all, I will choose to expect miracles. I will learn what I can from my obstacles & move past them. I recognize my limits are my own & so I don’t set any. I spend my days seeking out things that bring me joy. I keep my focus on allowing life to be everything that I need it to be and have faith in knowing that it will. I trust myself because I know my strength & it is a force not to be reckoned with. I know that it’s not my job to please everyone, and so I don’t try. My heart is open and I act through love which provides me the opportunity to meet others where they are without judgment. I seek out my truth & then I do my best to live it. This is my way.

Find your way. Your heart knows more than you think; trust it. Allow yourself to FEEL & be guided by your emotions. Love yourself enough to know that you’re not always going to be balanced. The contrast will sometimes knock you off your center & that’s okay. Resistance, focus, and allowance define where you are; be present to that. You can only ever hope to be in alignment with who you really are in each moment. Worry & suffering bring you out of the moment & slam you into the traumas of your past or the fears of your future. Peace comes now, never later. Fact is, I feel like I lost my way a bit these past few weeks & I’m grateful to those who brought my attention back to doing what I need to do for me.

Remember too that there are many who will try to tell you that “you’re doing it wrong” & to those people, I would say they’ve missed the biggest point. Life isn’t about stressing yourself out over following outside agendas. It’s about living a life that brings you joy, happiness, & peace. Besides, ‘wrong’ is just a word made up by people who needed to feel ‘right.’

Published by Dawn Biery

Publisher/Producer, Writer, Remote Viewer, Para Investigator, Consciousness Researcher, Certified Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Counselor, & Mother of 4...A life dedicated to research.

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