A Discussion on Negative Thought Forms & Villisca as an Example…

Officials: Man at Iowa ‘murder’ house stabs self…
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“VILLISCA (AP) — Authorities say a man staying overnight at a southern Iowa house where several brutal murders took place in 1912 has been hospitalized following a self-inflicted stab wound.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says Robert Laursen Jr., of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, was found early Friday inside the Villisca Axe Murder House with a stab wound. Investigators determined it was self-inflicted.

Laursen was eventually airlifted to an Omaha hospital. The Daily Nonpareil reports a hospital spokeswoman declined to provide details on his condition.

The Villisca Axe Murder House is the location of eight unsolved murders in 1912. The house and affiliated museum are popular with tourists who believe the structure is haunted. Owner Martha Linn says Laursen was part of a family group of paranormal investigators staying overnight.”
-Story created on November 7, 2014

This story has since created a frenzy among the paranormal community & with it a flurry of speculations. I too will throw out my own speculations but not without a thorough explanation of what is, & for the sole sake of pointing out the lesson here.

Villisca Ax Murder House
Villisca Ax Murder House

The Villisca Ax Murder House, 508 East 2nd Street, Villisca, Iowa has quite the past. In 1912 8 people brutally lost their lives, at the hand of an ax-wielding madman, while they slept peacefully in their beds. As if this fact alone weren’t horrifying enough I should point out that 6 of the 8 were children.

This terrible crime was one that did not come with justice as the killer, to this day, is still unknown. There are of course many theories as to who the killer was but none of which are relevant to the point of this blog so we’ll save that debate for another day.

People from all walks of life have found interest in this location as it is believed by many that the spirits of those killed still reside there & some even believe the spirit of the killer to be present within the home as well.


My visit to the Ax Murder House:

In May I traveled half-way across the country for a slated two-night investigation of the Villisca Ax Murder House.

I arrived at night & after 22 hours of travel the only thing on the immediate agenda was sleep but we awoke the following morning ready to go.

Upon arrival at the house we spent some time walking the grounds, I did a walk-through of the house, & the group was given a tour as well as a brief history to the happenings there.

I also was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Roy Marshall & Johnny Houser. Roy Marshall is the author of Villisca The true account of the unsolved mass murder that stunned the nation. He is one of the foremost researchers in the crime & surrounding events. Johnny Houser has spent the past several years as a caretaker to the property of sorts & has a huge standing in the paranormal community.

During my chat with Johnny, we discussed my impressions from the walk-through as well as some of his experiences within the house & his interpretation of the energy within it.



The 1st night of our two-night investigation involved one team investigating the house & the other team, of which I was a part, investigating the cemetery a few blocks away from where the victims are buried. Although experiences were had in the cemetery it was the occurrences of the following night with regard to our investigation of the house that brought even more clarity to my initial impressions.

I was able to connect with the construct of the mother & the two children who did not belong to Sarah Moore & who simply happened to be staying over that tragic night. In paranormal terms, the energy of these two children, the Stillinger girls, was that of a residual type. Nothing more than a lasting imprint cast from the energies who were not easily crossed over. There’s a very sad aspect to this that lends itself to the whole but for now, I will simply say that when these girls passed they were not in the comfort of their family & still resonated with them to the point that the energies lingered. There were also 2, what is commonly called trickster spirits. These 2 spirits make up for the majority of the paranormal activity being perceived in the location. Yes, they are toying with you.

The house itself felt very heavy, the energy within those walls was palpable & became even more intense as you entered the attic. Upon entering this space I got the very strong impression of a shadow mass that was pulsating. As I mention during the interview I believe it to be what would best be described as a non-dimensional energy. Meaning an energy that has not manifested into this physical dimension as a human being. Instead, it is a negative thought form that exists outside of our dimension. What is that, a negative thought-form? Well, firstly I will tell you what it is not. It is not a demon, & it is not the spirit of the killer.

Negative thought forms are masses of negative energy with such focus & intensity that they quite literally become entities in & of themselves. This is truly difficult to explain in words but the theory is closely related to that of the true explanation of poltergeist activity. The expression of uncontrolled manifested bursts of energy from that of a living person (typically a teenage female) rather than that of a deceased being. In these poltergeist experiences, the energy manifested through the living person create outbursts of energy in our physical reality that take on the form of loud, destructive thought forms. The more intense the energy bursts the more intense & well-defined the thought form. This same concept is the explanation for these negative thought forms, these creations of negative energy that are shaped & strengthened by the negative thoughts focused on them.

When & where this negative thought form came from I am unsure but I believe it to have been there in 1912 when the murders took place. I also believe it to have been witnessed by Mr. Kelley & described by him as a shadow.

Over the 100 plus years since the murders, this negative thought form has remained. It has quite literally soaked into the walls & because of the extreme nature of the events that have transpired there, it has reason to stay. It exists because it exists. What I mean by that is that 1,000’s of people have traveled to this home in an attempt to somehow connect with it. There definition of what ‘it’is literally defining it. Through these connections (some of which I believe to be negative in nature) they have fueled its very continuation. The energy grid on the property alone is intense & so this thing just lingers. One could not consider it intelligent by the definition we use but contains within it an instinct & intuition that allow it a different type of intelligence, one fueled by a desire to exist.

And so we arrive at present day happenings & find ourselves asking how, why, & maybe even why now?

What do we know about what happened? He was alone in a room of the house at the time of the incident. He & the people with him were holding a paranormal investigation (to what degree is to be debated later). This was a group of people who had been there before & his family had asked for the hospital personnel to not release info on his status in the hospital.

There are a million variables involved in how a negative thought form can engage in this physical reality but there is one fundamental truth that speaks loudly here. This is ultimately a vibrational universe of which all things that resonate at like vibrations will be attracted.

My perspective of what happened recently in Villisca where a man ended up with a self-inflicted stab wound is that quite possibly his vibration was low enough to connect with the negative thought-form. This connection allows a type of influence. I am not suggesting that he was possessed so please throw away that notion. I am simply saying that he resonated with what’s there & this can be potentially problematic.

Did he do it because he wanted attention, was his mental state questionable or was it an accident? We don’t know for sure but what I can say is that all of the above equal a negative, low vibration. One that potentially came into alignment with the negative vibration already there. I think it’s imperative that investigators especially have some understanding of how this works. Even without knowing exactly what happened we can learn from it if we choose to.

Of course, there are those who would prefer the paranormal angle of things not be discussed, that we not lend interest to the assumption that what happened did so because of an outside energy or a possession of sorts. I decided to post about this particular incident not to say this is what happened but instead to draw attention to the potentials behind negative energies & that of protection. This occurrence happens to be full of potentials & I think it wise to be educated on what those can be when working with spirit & energy. Spirits & entities are ultimately vibrations of energy void of the body the rest of us still have & yet can & do affect us if we are not consciously aware of our own thoughts & energy.

The subject of protection when working with spirits is a shot in the foot but still one discussed heavily in the paranormal community & quite frankly spiritual communities as well. What people need to understand is that their vibration will depict what vibrations connect with them, become attracted to them, & can ultimately influence them through influencing their vibration. This is a Universal Law at play & affects you every day of your life.

Anything that lowers your vibration puts you in direct alignment with those low-level negative energies. Am I saying you shouldn’t be protecting yourself energetically before an investigation? Kind of (and yes, I’m quite aware of the backlash that will most likely ensue from my statement). What I am saying is that you ultimately need to focus your attention on raising your vibration & this can’t be done through fear. When you know that having a high vibration will make it nearly impossible to be influenced by a negative vibration then you are in a protected state; one void of fear.

So what happens now at the Villisca house? My concern is that people will enter into this house with one of two mentalities. The first being that they hope for a similar occurrence to happen during their visit, not necessarily that they themselves will be stabbed but that something will attempt to influence them in a way that they can capture evidence of. Let’s be real, some of us paranormal junkies really live for the adrenaline rush of it. The other mentality is one of fear; that what happened might possibly happen again & now they’ve become afraid. Based on my explanations above you can see why both are a recipe for disaster.

The question I get asked most is do I ever get afraid, has there ever been a time while investigating that I felt fearful. My answer is always no. I raise my vibration before-hand & I keep it there.

I’ve heard several people point to the fact that they should stop overnight investigations or possibly screen the people who would like to visit. I fully support Martha & Johnny in their endeavors with the house. I’m not sure what their choice will be but I’m going to go so far as to say that it might not even be a choice if we took personal responsibility for what we do & how exactly we do it.

As for Mr. Laursen, I wish him prayers for healing & I extend those prayers to all involved.





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