Back to Gettysburg…

On July 11th we took a trip back to Gettysburg, PA for a 2-night, split-team investigation of the Hoffman Mansion. I truly enjoy Gettysburg because of the vast history & the impact of the events that occurred there, but let’s be real, as a medium, it can be difficult & slightly overwhelming.

We arrived a couple hours before the scheduled investigation & it was super neat to find that it was Bike Week in Gettysburg. Huge shout out to all of the riders, there were beautiful bikes everywhere.




Our investigation was set up through the Gettysburg Ghost Tours/Paranormal Association. We were provided a guide who gave us a brief history of the location & kept an eye on the grounds during our lockdown. Below is the information provided on the Hoffman Mansion via the Gettysburg Paranormal Association website.

“The Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center is built upon a 123-acre dairy farm once owned by the Hoffman family. The Hoffman’s original barn and farmhouse still stand on the property near Emmitsburg Rd, the approximate battle line of Pickett’s charge during the battle of Gettysburg. The Hoffman Mansion sits on the front of the property, and during the battle of Gettysburg was used as a field hospital for the Union army during and after Pickett’s charge.”


We were also told that some years after the war the woman of the house committed suicide there.

The Investigation – Hoffman Mansion – Gettysburg, PA.

Night 1

  • Dawn Rogers
  • Andi Brown
  • Mandy Huston Belue
  • Joyce Turner

Night 2

  • Marty Seibel
  • Michael Hoover
  • Ace Fridley
  • Becky Graham
  • Michelle Brown
  • Jaime Robison


This blog post is for my own personal experiences on location.


The Hoffman Mansion

The Mansion is gorgeous despite the fact that it has sat empty for some time. The feeling there is indeed very heavy. Lots of residual energy especially outside on the grounds.

During our investigation, I was able to connect with a man named Richard who I believe to have been a Union Officer & a woman named Sarah.

Richard was soft spoken & distant yet on more than one occasion throughout the night when he would come through there was also the faintest sound of music playing, similar to what you would hear with a crank jewelry box, & I do believe at one point I heard his disembodied laugh (unfortunately I was unable to capture that).

Sarah gave me nothing beyond her name, the fact that she was clearly there in the house, & that she would prefer to stay distant as to avoid being ‘drug through it’. At one point during the night, myself & Andi heard a female voice call out twice from the direction of the attic saying only, “Help.”

The rest of the investigation went well & the following night the second team had their go at the Mansion.

I will admit I was surprised to find very little info on the location. Typically I go into an investigation blind but after the fact, I research the location to verify evidence captured. Google had little to offer

Gettysburg was once again a trip to be remembered!

Love & Light






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