Vibration Matters…

I think we can agree the angelic vibration is very high…even if you don’t quite believe in them. If there were & are angels they would have a control over their consciousness in a realm we cannot see, exude control over manifestation on this physical 3d reality, which we think we understand LOL, and let us not forget divinely connected. The simple concept of this construct exudes power.

Power, that’s the word we choose to define this but why allow it to be a word with such dogma & taboo? We can each freely admit to being negatively affected by ‘power.’  And in agreement with that last sentence, you immediately instill within the word power, past experience. When we see power through the lens of past experience we realize that a lot many more of us are afraid of power than we want to admit.

While trying not to admit to our fears we’re still freely able to recognize the difference between our power & ‘theirs’ is that one is pure & the other is not. The other is simply an illusion of fear we superimposed over the pure potential.

Set your belief in angels down for a moment & focus only on the concepts involved: a pure vibration that is higher than our own & our vibration that resonates from past experience.

Allowing your past experiences to take a portion of your focus draws you away from now, from this moment of pure potential, from this higher vibration…which remember, is your divine connection.

Your spirit is consciousness & when you raise your vibration by remaining in the moment you become in alignment with your higher self, a divinely connected space of which you understand much more clearly your ability to manifest.

Am I saying we’re angels? NO. What I’m saying is to truly understand the meaning of “Stepping into your Power,” & do it. If you’re wondering how this is the fundamental beginning. This is where balance begins & true knowing occurs. Step beyond your blocks & let it guide you.

Published by Dawn Biery

Publisher/Producer, Writer, Remote Viewer, Para Investigator, Consciousness Researcher, Certified Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Counselor, & Mother of 4...A life dedicated to research.

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