A Cup of Coffee, A Lesson On Fear, & A Symbol of Hope

“I’ve been experiencing some serious purging these past couple days & this morning as I sat here mindlessly drinking my morning coffee I witnessed an act of moving beyond fear for the sake of survival & living. I feel like Fester with the light bulb over my head…BAZINGA! Finally got it. Thanks for the lesson.”


My Facebook status this morning left a quite many of you wondering, “What the heck does this chick put in her coffee & where can I get some?”  It’s going to take some jumping back & forth to explain (we’ll blame the chaotic writing on the caffeine LOL) but if you’re ready…


For the past several days I’ve had to deal with a series of ‘unwelcome’ events. You know those things that go wrong, that you really could have done without. Nothing drastic really, just each thing seeming to compound over the next. This morning was no exception in that my son was turning on the dryer only to have the On-Off nob break off in his hand. Grrr. After seeing my kids off to school this morning I sat down at my desk to drink a cup of coffee & just ‘be.’ I allowed my mind to drift back to my paperweight dryer & thought to myself, “What next?” This was immediately followed by a vision of my guide having a hand-to-forehead moment as I heard him utter the words, “Oh dear!” Technically speaking I had just opened Pandora’s Box.


Have you ever heard of beer goggles? The alcohol induced lens of seeing beauty when the truth is more like “Yikes!” Well, I was apparently wearing my Fear Goggles looking through the lens of fear & expecting to see the worst. Such a bad idea! Now I could go off on a tangent about the Law of Attraction, negative vibrations, & how our thoughts create reality but that’s a subject for another post. In fact, for the sake of explaining just how I recognized the truth behind today’s lesson in fear we’ll pretend these things don’t matter at all & instead I’m going to tell you a story.


I have bird feeders which also means at any given moment in the day I have wild birds hanging out in my yard. I thoroughly enjoy watching them come & go all year long. I have cardinals, blue jays, humming birds, black birds, & finches of all kinds. There is also a squirrel who acts like a thief in the night by robbing the bird feeders when no one is looking. But my favorite flying friends are the doves. They would come in pairs in the morning & again in the evening. I would sit at my desk, which is positioned right in front of a window, & I would happily watch them wander around in the grass just outside.


One day, a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk enjoying a normal moment of family time. My son Brian was standing next to me telling me something about his day at school. My better half was on the other side of the room having a conversation with my daughter which with her is much like a dramatic play full of skits, singing, & tons of flair. All of a sudden I heard this loud bang on the roof directly above my head. I stopped observing the goings on within the room & focused my attention to my window, wondering what the heck the noise was…wrong time of the year for it to be Santa & reindeer up there. As I peer out I see 2 birds locked together in a barrel roll plummeting straight down. As they hit the ground a cloud of feathers erupts & I helplessly watch as this giant hawk stands over its prey. He readjusts his footing, looks straight at me & then flies off clutching a dove in its grasp. My jaw is pretty much on the floor at this point. I’ve lived in the same place for many years & have never seen a hawk in my yard. Part of me was heartbroken, part of me was in awe of the beauty & power possessed by the hawk, & the other part of me was captivated at the fact that the discovery channel just went down live & in-color right outside my window.


I felt really bad after the fact, like I had somehow set the dove up for disaster with the bird feeders & rang the dinner bell for the hawk. It took a bit to come to grips with the fact that what happened was simply nature’s way. Yes, I’m a softy, you can pick on me for it if you’d like.


So several days go by & it hits me that I haven’t seen a single dove since the aerial dogfight I had witnessed earlier in the week. Part of me was sad that the comfort associated with my yard no longer existed for them. The mother bird in me though was happy & I was secretly hoping they would stay gone as somehow that to me meant stay safe. The days came & went but no doves, yes I was watching for them. The other birds didn’t seem to know the inside scoop on what had happened as their visits continued. The doves however, seemed to recognize the danger & have avoided it like the plague ever since.


This same intuitive fight or flight instinct that kept the doves at bay is found within us as well. Fear is meant to warn us of imminent danger but as human beings we can sometimes get so wound up in fear that we allow ourselves to think there is danger when in truth there is none or it has already come & gone. We then begin to look at the world through Fear Goggles seeing the worst case scenario blinded by the fact that we are missing some of the best case scenarios.


So what the hell is my point? For those of you who have read this thinking I am out of my mind focusing way too hard on birds & squirrels…I apologize but this message simply isn’t for you. For those of you who get it…HIGH FIVE!


As I sat at my desk this morning remembering what I already knew, that fearing the worst blinds us from the best. I had my own hand-to-forehead moment understanding that I am human & we all stumble sometimes while remembering truths. I accepted the fact that either I can fix my dryer or manifest a new one but either way it is what it is. I took off my Fear Goggles, went back to staring out the window, & wouldn’t you know it; there right in front of me, sat a dove. The danger had passed & so too did his fear of it.


It is no coincidence to me that the dove is a symbol of peace & hope…guess there’s hope for me yet!

Published by Dawn Biery

Publisher/Producer, Writer, Remote Viewer, Para Investigator, Consciousness Researcher, Certified Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Counselor, & Mother of 4...A life dedicated to research.

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