Reiki is a form of hands-on healing, with its origins in India and the East dating back many thousands of years. Reiki is a two syllable Japanese word meaning ‘universal life force.’ Reiki is holistic; it works on the body mind and spirit by stimulating a person’s own natural healing abilities. The blocked emotional and physical elements that lead to illness and disease are cleared and balance is restored to the energetic body systems. Self-healing happens when the nervous system is balanced.

When the mind body and spirit are in harmony the biological intelligence that governs the body’s resources and allows it to heal itself and function correctly are intensified.

A full Reiki treatment reopens and re-balances the flow of universal life force in and around the body. This will stimulate the body’s immune system and natural healing abilities. Normally the body will begin by cleansing itself of toxins and then the healing process can begin.

How Reiki Can Help You

Some examples of commonly reported benefits of Reiki:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Less anxiety
  • Centered focus and mental clarity
  • Less fatigue
  • Calm
  • Pain management
  • Improved overall health
  • Dissolves energy blocks
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Strong self-esteem
  • Enhanced awareness & heightened intuition.

Most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness, and of their soul’s resources in general, much like man who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into a habit of using and moving only his little finger. Great emergencies and crises show us how much greater our vital resources are than we had supposed. – William James

Reiki featured

The Reiki Experience

The experience of Reiki therapy is subjective and often times cumulative meaning people tend to have progressively deeper experiences as they continue to have sessions. The effects of Reiki are sometimes subtle with the most common experience being that of an almost immediate release of stress and deep relaxation.

Complete sessions are performed while the recipient is fully clothed, lying on a treatment table or sitting comfortably. The Reiki practitioner places their hands in a series of locations on the body with no pressure, in a non-intrusive fashion. The Reiki practitioner can even hold their hands above the body if needed.

**Reiki is safe and does not interfere with any medical care that you may be receiving.

Distance Reiki is energy healing work done without being in the direct presence of the healer. This means you can remain in the comfort of your own home and receive energy work like chakra balancing, aura clearing, higher self-alignments, cord cutting, etc.

Reiki Sessions

I perform Reiki in conjunction with my Soul Path Bridging℠ & Energy Work sessions.

As a Certified Reiki Master, I also teach the Usui Shiki Ryoho method. If you are interested in learning Reiki please visit my Learn Reiki Resource page. Certification as a Reiki Master is also a component of my Soul Light Mentorship Program where you will be attuned & taught to the Master Level, along with Psychic Development Training.

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