The Sun Rises On A New Day…

Each day when the sun rises you have a chance to begin a new journey.

It’s okay to start over. It’s okay to switch gears. Whatever it takes to live in your passion. So many people hold on to things that don’t serve them. They want to be good people, they don’t want to let others down, they don’t want to  appear as if they’ve made mistakes; so they hold on allowing their passion to come second to having their life-force drained from them.

Living in your passion will bring you joy & isn’t that the purpose? The bigger picture should involve your heart smiling.

Stepping into your passion has it’s difficulties, yes. There are always obstacles & this will be no exception. Sometimes though, obstacles are thrown into our path to give us the perspective of needing to persevere. As long as you remain authentic to yourself, trust in your own joy, & move toward your passion you are going in the right direction.

I am beginning a new journey. 🙂 Just like the rest of us I am learning everyday & I am determined to live in my passion.

Love & Light,


Published by Dawn Biery

Publisher/Producer, Writer, Remote Viewer, Para Investigator, Consciousness Researcher, Certified Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Counselor, & Mother of 4...A life dedicated to research.

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