Psychic Development

Connect with the wisdom & knowledge that you’ve always had access to!

Psychic Development Masterclass

In this (prerecordedPsychic Development Masterclass, you will find 7 plus hours of instruction, in-depth discussion, and techniques all meant to help you develop your innate psychic ability.

You are free to take this course at your own pace, although it is recommended that you allow some time for practice between each lesson (week).

There are 7 video sessions in total. Below you will find a listing of some of the content:

  • Blocks, Fears, & Limiting Beliefs
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Shifting into ‘Read Mode’
  • Journaling
  • Trust, Doubt, & Validation
  • How to Bypass the Monkey Mind
  • Intro to Meditation
  • Basic Breathing Meditation Technique
  • Saging/Smudging/Crystals
  • Protection
  • Intro to Vibration & Frequency
  • Alignment, What is it?
  • How to shift your vibration, the basics.
  • Higher Self vs. Ego
  • Intro to the Pendulum & techniques to program them
  • Higher Self Activation Meditation
  • How to ask questions
  • Sending vs. Receiving
  • A brief explanation of the Chakra System
  • A technique to feel energy
  • A technique to read people, places, & things
  • What is Empathy?
  • Intro to Psychometry
  • A technique to see the Aura
  • How to meet your guides, meditation
  • Intro to Scrying
  • A technique to meet your guides
  • In-depth discussions on the Psychic Clair Senses.
  • & Much More!

BONUS: Included are 2 (two) audios – The Chakra Grounding Meditation & The Chakra Activation Theta Hypnosis

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